Yarn Money Tokenomics & Liquidity Mining Is 100% Distributed To The Community 🙌 And Zero Fees

Yarnmoney will bring attention to the yield farming industry, our strong tokenomics are what keeps liquidity here. Yarnmoney’s have several changes have been made since our last post on this topic, we’ve set out to provide all the updates you’re looking for.

Yarn’s total supply is 100 billion.

Yarn has two use cases farming and staking.

QUICK is a fair launch, community-governed project. There was no seed round, no private round, no pre-sale, and no public sale (ICO/IDO/IEO). 1% of the total supply was reserved for the early investor and supporter.

100% of yarnmoney tokens will

BlackHole Burning:- 50%

Transaction Fees:- 10%

Distributed to Token Holder:- 3%

Liquidity Provider:- 2% Lock For 3years

Token Burn every transaction:-1%

Community Pool:- 4% (All earning will be 100% distributed to token holder)

We want Yarnmoney community are able to active and engaged participant in our ecosystem. One of the best way is to provide you a long term passive income in our community pool. Which you will able to earn matic staking, token distributed from transaction. By holding yarnmoney, you will also able to earn the yield farming, lending and borrowing income from the community pool. which will distribute back to token holder. This is your long term passive income.

YarnMoney Liquidity Mining Rewards (100%)

To motivate new projects and communities to come out to Layer 2 and try Polygon, Yarnmoney provides incentivized community pools. Those who provide liquidity for an incentivized community pool are rewarded with Yarnmoney with zero fees generated from swaps.

Yarnmoney mining rewards will run for another 3.5 years (4 years total). Gradually, the token emissions will slow down with less being distributed as years pass. This encourages early adoption while also incentivizing the community’s continued growth over time.

In general, rewards are distributed to pairs that offer deep liquidity, substantial volume, and those that attract large-scale industry players. With Aave’s recent launch on Polygon,Yarnmoney has needed to deepen liquidity for core Aave trading pairs to decrease the slippage for whales who want to swim in our pools. As a result, we’ve incentivized the core Aave pairs with additional yarnmoney rewards.

Our treasury holds the majority of the funds that will pay out liquidity mining rewards for the next 3.5 years. This is to increase security and to eliminate the chance of a future rug pull. We will partners with industry expert and provide liquidity to their token.

Airdrop & Marketing

To reward early users Yarn has reserved 1% of the total supply to be distributed via an airdrop and marketing. Though originally we intended this airdrop for MATIC stakers, we are no longer certain that is the best plan of action. The team is still working to determine the best strategy. It’s possible that a portion of these rewards will go to Matic stakers, while others will go to yarnmoney’s users and token holders. The exact specifications of this future airdrop are yet to be determined.

We know that many community members are anxious for more details about how the airdrop will work and when it will be distributed; however, we’re waiting until it has sufficiently matured and can handle the extra emissions to initiate the drop. We thank you for your continued patience.

Join the Community Yield Farming

YarnMoney is unshackling decentralized trading from the performance constraints of the Ethereum mainchain. Any user will be able to trade any ERC20 token with transaction speeds of ~2 seconds and near-zero gas fees, with transactions secured by the Ethereum mainchain.

No more high fees, no more lengthy transaction times. Just high-speed, low-cost decentralized yield farming — for everyone.

The next generation of DEFI is here.

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Yield Farming Solution For Communities.Aim For No Zero Network Fees, No Penalties, No Impermanent Loss and Long Term Profits Sharing